The 2018 regular season of the BFL Savannah River Division is complete. Lake Hartwell lived up
to its reputation for this hot September tournament. I started the week way up the Tugaloo
River looking for that early morning bite. Most of the fish I caught during practice were either
on a buzz bait or frog. I did spend a day on the main lake looking for some schooling fish but
quickly found out that I wouldn’t be able to depend on that bite for the tournament.
Coming in to this tourney, my main goal was to catch 5 and make the cut to Sunday. Day one
started with absolutely no wind and very humid so I knew I had to catch my fish before 9 am. I
went to my first spot and within about 15 minutes had the first one in the live well. I caught
about 3 more fairly quickly but they were all short. I switched up to a frog and had about a 5 or
6 pounder just slam the frog. I set the hook and began my retrieve. Then, my excitement turned
to disappointment. As I was bringing him in, he decided to go under the dock and got wrapped
around a dock cable and came off. That really got in my head so I lost concentration for about a
half hour. I finally shook it off and went back to it. The rest of the day was a grind, I caught
several more but they were all short. We went from way up the river all the way to Anderson
Island. It was finally time to head back in for the weigh in. I was to say the least a little
disappointed. I got about a half mile from the launch and saw a point I had seen fish on in
practice. I only had enough time for about 3 cast. I went for broke pulled out a Carolina Rig with
a Bass Munitions Lures Lizard. First cast I got hung up, second cast had a bite but no
commitment, third cast I threw to the dock and set the rod down to put away some rods. I
stood back up picked up the rod and had one on. Brought that baby in and that fish was just
enough to qualify me for the 2019 FLW Costa Series and qualify me for the 2018 BFL Regional
on the St. John’s River in Palatka, Florida.
My next Tournament will be at Lake Wiley, for the BFL South Carolina Division Super