I rely heavily on my soft plastic baits, probably more than I should – but this is my strength when I’m fishing.

At any given time my bait usually has 50 pounds of soft plastics in the storage box. I started using soft plastics from a young company called Bass Munitions Lures. Its owner, Richard Casey and I have discussed different designs and colors over the last year. I was fishing a tournament on Lake Hartwell and needed a specific color, so I found something similar online and called Richard. He says no problem I can make that color. Well, he did and it worked great, I caught every fish from that tournament on that bait. The only problem, we didn’t know what to call our unique color. After thinking about it for a while we both came up with, “Saturday Night Fever.”

He has everything from swim baits to stick worms, and the action on these baits are really life like which is very important especially when the fishing gets tough.